The drowned locomotive

Dipping pools for watering cans; rain puddles for skippy kids; placid baptismal ponds and secretive river pools where the best trout lie; flood meadows and out-of-the-earth spring pools; dew ponds and canal side windponds.

Still waters run deep. Deep enough to conceal a Second World War steam engine?

This is one of the fire reservoirs constructed around Royal Ordnance Factory Rotherwas. The heavy duty plumbing is still in place (below), alongside an old machine gun post.

I was told a locomotive, surplus to needs, was driven into one of these reservoirs during the war. Apparently, when an audit was pending, the munition managers discovered they had one more locomotive than they should have had. Rails were hastily laid to the water’s edge and the loco was driven to its watery grave.

World War Two pipework

Ponds function well as places of concealment. There is, allegedly, a pool near St Weonards which hides several nicked motors and a bevy of stolen chainsaws (not sure of the collective noun – a buzz? A whine?) hastily dumped there some years ago when word of an impending police raid reached the thieves.