Bill Laws is a regular speaker at gardens clubs, U3A groups, history societies, literary festivals and horticultural shows in the UK and abroad. Bookings:

Please note: Day time venues preferred!

Artists’ Gardens – from Barbara Hepworth and Frida Kahlo to Patrick Heron, Johannes Larsen, Claude Monet and Stanley Spencer.

Plants That Changed the Course of History – Bill shares his top ten favourites from the tulip and sunflower to that king of the vegetable patch, the potato.

Green Tips – a planet-friendly guide to vegetable growing.
From coping with composting, saving seed and recycling old tools to welcoming wildlife, maintaining natural corridors and setting up neighbourhood veg plots.

A Curious History of Vegetables – A lighthearted look into guinea gardens, allotments, vegetable aphrodisiacs, onions johnnies and the rest.

The White Stuff – Bill delves into the country milk trade to meet milkmaids and milkmen, munition workers and nursing mums, Milky Bar Kids and chocolateers.

Working Women: 1916-1966

Fifty years of change in the Shire, from domestic service and munitions to Land Girls, teaching and the typing pool.

A Countryside At War – how one rural shire managed its Home Front through two World Wars.